In our today’s world where energy sources  have been dying off by leaps and bounds and in an era when fossil fuels have been left aside and we are turning our steps  towards renewable energy sources, hydroelectric power stations is the leading of all the other energy sources. The hydroelectric power stations whose principles are based on power generation with water power are the cleanest and the less harmful of all the energy sources. Supplying the electric power demands, hydroelectric power stations are in vital importance for Turkey because it reduces our foreign dependency. However, if necessary measures are not taken, hydroelectric power stations can have impacts on ecology, environment and economy.

Constructing a hydroelectric power station in an area can result in destruction of the ecological balance within this area. The climate change of an area, the disappearance of the flora and the life threat of the aminals living there are the fundamental ecological effects.They also have negative effects to the natural sources and regional and cultural values by bringing them down.

Environmental effects of the hydroelectric power stations are the wastes which come up during the process of building up hydroelectric power stations. Another suggested environmental effect is that hydroelectric power stations can have greenhouse effect towards the environment.

Hydroelectric power stations not only have ecological and environmental effects but also economical effects towards the nature. Especially, during the construction process of the barrage-type hydroelectric power stations, there occurs some economical effects. For instance, the submergence of the locations and human’s living spaces, the necessity of moving of these places, locations and living spaces to another new places and submergence of natural habitats, the construction of some special areas’ hydroelectric power stations or expropriating them in order to locate the transmission lines are the economical effects of the hydroelectric power stations.

To sum up, as you see and as not everyone knows, hydroelectric power stations have a lot of consequences and effects towards the people’s lives, the environment and nature. While they are providing the living people where hydroelectic santral powers are constructed  with many advantages, they result in many harmful effects incomparably with the positive aspects. They result in nonrecoverable effects like drying up the waters, annihilation of the natural living spaces.

Yasemin ÜZÜMCÜ


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