Argumentative Essay- STRESS WITHIN LIFE (First Draft)

Thesis Statement: Stress is useful for human body.

People generally think that stress can cause many bad consequences for human beings. It is thought to upset all the people while giving uncomfortableness to the human body. It is thought to spread concern, anxiety and uneasiness  within the body. These generally accepted thoughts and feelings are partially accurate. However one should stop at the point that stress should’t exist in one’s life. In today’s world, the recognized fact concerning stress has been rejected because of the recent studies. According to these studies stress can be beneficial for human body’s health.

Some concrete supports regarding the stress’ being good for human body from the science area have taken important position. This topic has been discussed so much that the people’s brains are engaged with stress while the people are stressful.

Let’s have a look at the accurate thought of the Professor Doctor Servet Öztürk who is head of department of Interventional  Cardiology Department in Memorial Hospital. He informed us about stress’ positive effects upon heart health. The recognized facts used to suggest that the stressful people can catch the heart diseases more easily when compared with the stress-free people. Short term stress, contrary to all known facts, saves person from numness, it relieves and makes people lively and exciting. We can define this as the energy for solving problem. However, it is really important that stress shouldn’t often recur itself and it shouldn’t last a long time. Stress which takes a long time is useful for human body. Ancak stresin çok sık aralıklarla ve uzun süreli olmaması çok önemlidir. Because, at the end of the stress, there occurs slackening and easing. Moreover, there comes along pleasure and relish due to getting over the difficulties and problems.

For example, when we think about the traffic, if people are more aware and more on the watch, I mean when enough stress appears in the human’s body, there can not be so many accidents because of the carefulness. However, when little worriment or a bit of thought is given towards the traffic, it is much more possible to have an accident on the road. Especially, when we realize that we are in a dangerous condition, that’s when we pay more attention to our driving. We become much more alerted and focus on every detail. Actually, the most hazardous roads are the most dull ones. In these times, worriment levels decrease and we become more interested in other activities like talking through mobile phones and we become less interested in traffic, traffic lights, car mirrors and the people on the traffic. Our focus slides to the conversations and our awareness goes away.

As a result, we can conclude that we should put stress in an important position in our lives. It should be in a reasonable and a modest level. Therefore, we can be more aware of the events, the things and the people around us. Without stress, the easiness within our lives would be boring. We can not maintain easy goingness all the time. The life wouldn’t be exciting without it.

Yasemin ÜZÜMCÜ


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3 Responses to Argumentative Essay- STRESS WITHIN LIFE (First Draft)

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  2. harununler says:

    The theme “stress” is well treated in your essay. You have an impressive introduction and the supporting paragraphs are in consistency with the introduction. The topic is handled in logical senses. Supporting ideas with quotations and examples is also what makes your essay effective. As far as I can see, there are no punctuation errors or mistypes. There seems to be only one grammatical mistake in the beginning of your first paragraph. It is better if you check it. To sum up, your essay is appropriate to be an argumentative essay example.

  3. harununler says:

    Your point is 95 🙂

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